Descendants of Bryan Fitzpatrick Multimedia Database

Example of Fitzpatrick Multimedia Database entries.  Click on image to download PDF.


During the years that Ronan and I spent researching the book, we encountered many Fitzpatrick sources in a variety of media formats. Many of these sources appear in the book. However, it became apparent that we needed a system to organize the sources of Fitzpatrick information we found in order that we could easily refer to them later. This was beneficial because we could view the original source and perhaps glean additional information from it.

Media types we encountered included documents in a variety of formats, e.g., MSWord, Text, PDF, RTF, and JPG, as well other photo formats. In addition, we wanted to preserve Video and Power Point presentations from Clan Gatherings and other meeting, and audio interviews.  Devising a method to access this variety of formats from a single access point was formidable. So too, was how to easily find the available sources for a specific search item among hundreds of items, regardless of media type. Consequently, it was necessary to provide a free-form description that was text-searchable for each multimedia entry. Also necessary was recording where the source originated so a researcher could follow-up if further information was required for a source.

With these needs in mind, The Descendants of Bryan Fitzpatrick Multimedia Database was born. This is a free-form searchable electronic database that lists a description of the media item, media type and source.  Copies of all multimedia items are stored in the database and are accessible by a single click. As of this writing, over 250 multimedia references are contained in this database. However, we know that many other resources related to the descendants of Bryan Fitzpatrick exist that we have not discovered.

Therefore, we are asking our fellow researchers to add to our Multimedia database of files related to the descendants of Bryan Fitzpatrick, Lord and First Baron of Upper Ossory. If you’d like to contribute to the Fitzpatrick Multimedia Database, please email a single file attached to a separate email to In the subject line, please include a short description of the attachment. In the body of the text, please include a longer description of the attachment if necessary. Also in the body, include how and/or where another researcher could locate the attachment. Your name will be included with the method to locate the source in the source field of the description of the file. Any of the multimedia file types mentioned earlier in this document are acceptable. If in doubt, email me your question and I’ll respond to your concerns.

We are still in the process of determining how we can best make this multimedia data available to other researchers. Currently, a list of contents may be made available to interested parties, but the actual files may have security, copyright, and/or privacy issues. We are considering several methods of sharing the data, but this is an ongoing process.

~ Steve Zalewski