The Fitzpatrick - Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan Society is a worldwide group of volunteers giving of our time and talents. There are no paid positions and we work for the love of the name Fitzpatrick and all that it represents on these pages. However, there are various costs we must cover as a Society if we are to maintain a presence online. We are beholden to the donations of interested members, and our appreciation is great. Thank you to all who support our endeavors.  Go raibh mile maith agaibh.

To learn more information on how you can get involved in the Fitzpatrick - Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan Society, please register and post to the List.  Below are the names and positions of our Acting Committee, until such time as an official committee is ratified:

Acting CommitteeOfficers
Founder and Chairperson:Ronan Fitzpatrick
Secretary: Tamara Endicott-Delafuente
Treasurer:W. Daniel Fitzpatrick
Historical Advisers:Andrew Wallace, Steve Zalewski, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ronan Fitzpatrick
DNA Adviser: Colleen Fitzpatrick
Genealogy:Steve Zalewski, Ronan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Wallace
Webmaster:Ryan Fitzpatrick
Cartographic Adviser:Peter FitzPatrick
Discussion & Facilitation:John Fitzpatrick
List & Social Media Moderator:Ronan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Fitzpatrick
International & Regional GatheringsCoordinators
International Gatherings (Ireland):Ronan Fitzpatrick, Peter FitzPatrick, John Fitzpatrick
Northeast USA Regional Gatherings:Ryan Fitzpatrick, W. Daniel Fitzpatrick
Southeast USA Regional Gatherings:Tamara Endicott-Delafuente
Australia Regional Gatherings: Suzanne England