Fitzpatrick Society Scholarship

$500.00 Prize

The Fitzpatrick - Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan Society was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1993 and has since grown to be a worldwide community of individuals who are interested in all things Fitzpatrick. Communication is mainly online and is the largest Fitzpatrick surname community on the Internet. The Society annually recognises a scholar based on an outstanding recently written contribution submitted in competition. The purpose of this recognition is to encourage the study of the history, heritage, culture, and tradition of the Fitzpatrick nation. Each year the recognised scholar will be referred to as the Fitzpatrick Society Scholar or simply the Fitzpatrick Scholar and will receive a purse of US $500.00.


The Rules:

  1. Entries must be received by 15th August 2024 and the result will be announced on or about 15th. September 2024. The prize will be presented at the 8th International Fitzpatrick Clan Gathering (“The Gathering”) in Kilkenny, October 4th-6th 2024.
  2. The competition will be adjudicated by Senator David Norris acting as single judge supported by a panel selected by the Board of the Clan Society. In the event that Senator Norris is unavailable an alternative judge will be appointed by said Board.
  3. An entry should consist of no less than 2000 typed words on any of the four themes listed above, demonstrating scholarly research, reporting and understanding and must not have been previously published. Entries should be of a publishable standard and fully cited and referenced.
  4. The competition is open to all members of the Society and free membership is open to all interested persons, regardless of ancestry. In the case of jointly authored submissions at least one of the authors must be a member of the Society, however, only one prize shall be awarded for the winning entry.
  5. The panel will retain discretion to determine if the standard is acceptable and may decide, as circumstances dictate, to announce more than one, or indeed, no scholar.
  6. An unsuccessful submission may be resubmitted for competition in the first year following its initial submission.
  7. A condition of the competition is the right of the Society to publish any of the entries in the Society publications with due acknowledgement. All entries will remain the intellectual property of the author.
  8. Separate from the competition for the Fitzpatrick Scholar, should a meritorious contribution be submitted by a scholar aged under 19 on 15th August 2024, the panel may recommend that a special award be made in recognition of a Fitzpatrick Junior Scholar.

Entries or queries should be submitted to The Fitzpatrick - Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan Society:

Email:  Contact : Andrew Wallace.


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Scholarship Prize Winners

Winning entries and all other submissions of a publishable standard will appear in The Journal of The Fitzpatrick - Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan Society.

Contest YearNamePaper TitleSenior Judge
2021Eóghan Rian Mac Giolla PhádraigA Fitzpatrick Clan Crest on the National HarpSen. David Norris
2023Hannah Mac AuliffeA survey of the relationship between Dál Birn of Osraige and the kings of Déisi Muman in the early medieval periodSen. David Norris